Treat yourself, for better or worse

Monday was a big day for me, professionally speaking. Details of my professional goals don’t really matter at this time, but what does matter is the preparation. Preparing for the best, and the worst.

If things go great – I treat myself.

If things don’t go so great – I medium treat myself, because I know it’ll brighten up a crappy day.

For me, things did not go so great. Monday didn’t go according to plan, my expectation/hope for a specific outcome didn’t pan out. Whatev, that’s life, I’m learning. I need to work harder. It’s a frustrating reality that I somewhat prepared for in the following ways:

1. I scheduled a Stitch Fix to arrive June 24th so when I come home I’ll have something new to try on to make myself feel better about my awesome (or not so awesome) day.

2. I ordered a knit kit from Lion Brand last week so it could arrive and be ready to start THIS week. Nothing brightens my outlook more than a new project that I desperately need (hello, new summer backpack)!

3. Fill my social calendar because sitting at home moping for more than one night doesn’t do any good. Friends do. (Baseball game, drinks, sushi, brunch, yes please).

4. Block off one night to catch up on 3+ episodes of Teen Mom OG on my DVR. (I know, I know, but I love that show, and have watched it from the beginning. The kids are like 10 now and I am committed to see how they turn out).

5. Schedule a massage for the weekend. (I actually canceled this and will reschedule for when I REALLY earn it). I shouldn’t have canceled. Oh well.

All these things would be much more fun had I accomplished what I set out to, but I didn’t. I wish I were celebrating instead of wallowing but items 1-4 can help balance out my bum-ness.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will not let a setback get me down for more than 24-48 hours. I will learn from it, move forward and do better. I have to.

If you’re better than you were yesterday that’s progress.

How do you bounce back from setbacks? What cheers you up on a crappy day? Asking for a friend, aka Me. Please and thanks xo!



I’m going to go ahead and anger a lot of parents right now when i say that my child never had to be sleep trained. After the first month of life, he was really great about long stretches of sleep, and even completely sleeping through the night not long after.

I know he is not the norm. And we felt… what’s the word? 

Ah- blessed.

Until recently. 

Apparently there’s a toddler sleep regression? 


It started innocently enough. He’d call for me once, shortly after going to bed. 

Then he started calling for me a few times in the first hour of being in bed. 

Trying not to snap my hook in half as I listen to my child rage against bed time.

Then he started calling for us in the middle of the night, too.

Then he started completely waking up in the middle of the night and refusing to go back asleep unless we were with him. 

We have felt the pain of listening to him cry it out for almost 2 hours. Kyle and I have spent recent nights on our child’s bedroom floor. (admittedly, when exhausted, my consistency falters)

Our child is tired. We are tired. Our dog is tired. 

When asked why he is sad or upset, all I get is, “mommy, sometimes I just need to cry”. Which makes me cry. Because why does my child feel there’s ever a need to just cry?

Parenting, at times, really is the punch to the gut you never saw coming. 

The kiddo helps with props sometimes. He’s got a great eye for contrasting colors. 

But we will continue to persevere. This phase surely can’t last forever. 

And there’s always wine. And my knits.

In other news, my child has also (almost) memorized three songs by The Killers, which is probably the one thing I’ve found amusing about his middle of the night wake ups. He sings “The Man” and “Run for Cover” to his stuffed animals.  

Perhaps this sleep regression is his way of preparing for the rock star lifestyle?

He’s so career oriented. 


So Much Yarn, Seattle

Last week I was fortunate enough to travel to Seattle for business. It was a short trip, too short actually – but we made the most of our time there and that’s all I could ask for.

Sun is rare here, so I’m told

We flew in Tuesday afternoon, had all of Tuesday day/night to check out the city, the views, and scope out the food. So. Much. Food. I’m a foodie, and this place got me immediately, just look at this place, Pike Market. 

I should have brought a bigger purse (kidding…)

I’m still drooling.

I also stumbled upon the first Starbucks. I wasn’t entirely impressed and there was no way I was waiting in line at 4pm for a coffee I could get on any other corner in the country, but it was cool to see nonetheless. 

Here are some more cool touristy shots:

Middle left is Mount Rainer, luckily it was clear enough to see it

The restaurant we went to, Matt’s in the Market was exceptional. I ordered the seafood stew because it was the house favorite and I was not disappointed. This photo does not do it justice. Crab legs, fish, scallops, mussels, clams, bread, and broth that I wanted to take in a to-go cup. Mmmmm! 

I live in Boston, I know good seafood and Seattle is up there. In fact, I’d say its better, especially the crab. Maybe it tasted better because I could expense my meals, who knows. I just know I floated out of that restaurant (and every restaurant) so incredibly happy, and that doesn’t happen often. 

I wish every meal could be expensed. That’s where most of my money goes, sadly.  #freefoodforever 

After stuffing my face, countless drinks, rooftop views, and sleeping approx 3 hours, I decided to hit up downtown for some shopping Wednesday morning before switching hotels and focusing 100% on work. 

Obviously, I found a yarn store called “So Much Yarn” – it was a few blocks from my hotel. The store had views of the water, lots of windows and the people were so friendly. I asked if they were hiring, but they’re not. 

The store’s name was accurate, wall to wall yarn, it was beautiful. I swear I would have walked out with so much loot had I packed accordingly. Guess that means I’ll have to go back to visit, and I’m cool with that. 

There was also a store there called Robot vs. Sloth. I love sloths, it’s my spirit animal, so I went in and went medium crazy in the enamel pin department. How could I not, look at these! They can also be found online here. You’re welcome. 

And finally, the space needle. We went there Wednesday afternoon after a long night of beverages, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. But the views were. I wish there were more time to spend there because apparently they have a Garden as well but we missed that. Like I said, next time. 

Have you been to Seattle? Where is your favorite place to eat when you’re there? I need recommendations for the next time I go-which is sooner than later, I hope! 

Average Adulting: A Review

Oh hello, it’s been a bit since I’ve popped in. Things have gotten busy. Both Bailey and I seem to have overlapping busy seasons, so….

It happens.

I should have expected it. I’ve always seen adults as I was growing up who were busy. They seemed stressed. They had a lot to do and never enough time to do it.

I never thought about how that would apply to me when I reached their age. Perhaps I just thought they had poor time management skills. Or it just didn’t sink in that I would be in a similar situation one day.

But here we are.

Sometimes I review how things are going for me as an adult/parent. All in all, I do ok. I put in a solid effort. Like I said, ok. So I thought I’d share my most recent observations on Amy as an adult. Here they are with no logical structure whatsoever:

1.       I have become a playground expert because we do not want to spend money on things when my child has the attention span of a goldfish some days. We once visited four playgrounds in one day. FOUR. There are probably 20 in the area that we’ve been to over the last year. And believe it or not, strategy is involved. Ask me about the importance of slides draining properly when it’s 6:30am and your kid wants to take a walk to the playground and everything is still covered in morning dew.

Slide fail. He still has no fear. One of the many reasons i love him.

2.       Weekday wine doesn’t have to be for something special. It can just be to congratulate yourself for surviving the day.

3.       I’m turning into my mother. Furthermore, I’m turning into my mother and I’m not particularly upset about it. The jury is still out how my husband feels about this recent development, but he and my mom get along well, so that’s a positive sign.

4.       Potty training hasn’t even truly started but I can already tell it’s going to scar all parties involved for life. We’re considering the “weekend from hell” method. We’re scheduling time to clean our carpets the following weekend.

5.       I hate cooking. Like really hate it. I’m lucky it’s 2019, because I’m pretty sure 60 years ago this would have kept me from ever finding anyone to consider me a desirable mate. As a side note, this is one way I am not like my mother.

6.       Having a vitamin D deficiency can really mess a person up. I now take a daily vitamin D supplement on top of a multi and am researching vitamin D light boxes for next winter. Seriously, guys. I can look back now and recognize the slow descent into feeling bad with no seemingly logical explanation for months. Takes just as long to climb out of it. Take your vitamins.

7.       I get daily reports from daycare about my kid and so I also get daily feelings of envy as I review my child’s nap report.

8.       Aimless lego stacking has become an important part of my work on my mental well-being. Crochet is clearly my primary method of destressing, but legos are a close second that have the double benefit of being an activity I can share with my child.

So there you have it. Some wisdom (or perhaps just a “heads up”?) you didn’t ask for.

Thank goodness for crochet, wine and legos, amiright?


Boston’s Run to Remember – Mem Day Weekend

I’m going to steer away from my usual knit-focused posts to something completely unrelated, running.

If you know me at all, you’d know that running is out of character for me, unless it’s to catch my bus every morning.

About a month ago I blogged about the Boston Marathon, and how it’s my favorite day of the year to live in Boston. I told myself that day that I need to be more active, and in April, my work crew and I decided to sign up for the “Run to Remember” race which has the option for a 5-‘mile run or half marathon.

For someone who care barely run 1-mile without stopping, the half was out of question, and I thought the 5-miler would be a stretch, but I signed up anyway.

I had about 1.5 months to figure it out, and build up enough stamina to run 5 miles non-stop. I know this doesn’t seem like a lot, and it isn’t for most people – It’s all mental. Just ask my co-blogger Amy how much I enjoy running. I don’t. I would run a mile, get bored, stop, and call it a day. This is us from a million (7) years ago at my first 5k. Amy was such a good sport -and- they had glow sticks, which was the main reason I signed up.


Anyway, leading up to last weekend’s run I ran maybe 5 times, 1 mile each week and that was it. I knew the outcome of this 5-miler would be a crap shoot and was 100% counting on adrenaline to get me through, that and the thought of the bloody mary’s and beers waiting for me afterward. It’s the little things..

Overall, I’d have to say that running the streets of Boston at 7am on a Sunday morning was pretty awesome.

They closed the streets and we were able to run through downtown’s scenic sites. I got a taste of what Boston was like without all the people (and cars), minus the thousand’s of runners, but you know what I mean.

Luckily for me, the adrenaline did kick in, and I was able to run 3.5 without stopping, and was motivated by the shade, downhill paths, and the person ahead of me that had a t-shirt that said “Before you hit the wall, hit back” – I felt that. I walked briefly to get some terrible yellow Gatorade and ran/sprinted the rest of the 1.5 miles.

I was able to finish at a decent time and finally felt the joy of completing a race, and the “runners high” that I’ve heard so much about from my colleagues. We’re already talking about which one we’re going to sign up for next.

I do, however, need to remember to stretch thoroughly BEFORE running. The next morning I woke up and felt like Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was bad news, and has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol I consumed that whole day.

Nothing that some frozen corn and edamame can’t cure, right?

Welcome to the Jungle/Iceland

In honor of flashback Friday, here’s a fun one for you…

Last summer, my husband and I took a trip to Iceland. 

It. Was. Amazing.

Omg the views.

Anyway, something strange was going on the particular week we were there. It was a really really big deal. Like, everyone was freaking out big deal. 

Guns ‘N Roses were performing. And it turns out this would be the biggest concert to ever happen in Iceland’s history. 

Guns ‘N Roses. In 2018. 

Apparently it is quite difficult to convince tours to stop in Iceland. I read something about how boats had to bring everything over, and for one show, that does seem a bit costly. 

So yes. This was a huge deal. It’s all they talked about on the radio. People were talking about it in the bars. Our city tour guide was even bubbling over with excitement. 

I went through a really serious 80’s music phase in my later high school/early college years and they were obviously a central part of my playlist. So I started fangirling pretty hard. 

Alas, we decided to skip it. Because, in theory, we could catch them somewhere in the United States if we really wanted to, and our days were jam packed with hiking exotic and beautiful parts of the country- something we wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere.


Because we went out to dinner (early, of course, because we’re old souls) one night and, as we were walking back, we found ourselves coming upon a small crowd outside of a small boutique hotel. 

“Wouldn’t it be funny if people were waiting for the band, Kyle? Let’s see what’s going on!” “Excuse me, is there something going on here?”

“Yes, we’re waiting for Guns ‘N Roses to come out to head to the show.”


I saw Slash in real life. 

For maybe 3 seconds, but it COUNTS.

I lobbied to stay longer, because the word on the street was Axl had not yet shown his face. But Kyle pointed out this was Axl we were talking about, and he was probably going to be another 3 hours, even if the show started in 2. 

So I lost that battle. 

BUT SLASH! In the year 2018! 

Thank you, Iceland, for making that dream come true. 

Also, I did crafts there. 

Iceland is known for their knitting, and even do guided multi-day knitting tours. Luckily no one saw my crochet hook and tossed me out of the country!

Thanks, Iceland. You’re the best. 

– Amy 

Work-life deadlines

..I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog and insta lately. Mostly because I’ve been swamped at work, adjusting into my new(ish) position, attempting to stay on top of my game, studying for a PMP exam, “training” for a 5-miler, and trying to squeeze in time for self care (yoga, knits and Netflix). 

Naturally, I tried to do both – which was a fail

There is just a lot going on, and I’m having a TIME establishing a healthy work-life balance (parents, I don’t know how you do it). I’m learning as I go, faking it til’ I make it, and trying not to sprout anymore gray hairs in the process.  PS- I recently spotted 3 devil hairs that grow significantly faster and thicker than the others. What’s up with that, anyway?  

Anyway, in midst of all the everyday crazy, that we all endure, I’m frantically trying to finish up this baby blanket for a dear friend’s baby shower in early June (15 days, to be specific).  Of course I’m woefully behind, but was reassured that I’d finish this in time if I stuck to a schedule I made for myself when I started in May. 

~100 rows to get the length aka ~3 rows/day for a month and it should get it done.  I am..behind. Weekends are typically when I have my time to catch up but they’ve been quite packed this month.  

There is just not enough hours in the day..and too many things I don’t want to do that are getting in my way of what I enjoy. This is life, I know and overall it’s good ‘problem’ to have. 

“If I can just make it though this week, I’ll be good” – and I’ll tell myself that for the foreseeable future,  or at least through the end of June. 

How do you prioritize your conflicting priorities in life? What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? I’m open to any and all suggestions on maintaining sanity.  #SOS