Hello! This is Bailey and Amy. We like yarn stuff.

Is that enough to go off of? No? Ok, let’s try again…

Hi! We used to live together as roommates in the city of Chicago. Nowadays, Amy is living the crazy Chicago suburban life and Bailey has made Boston her home. We’re still close friends, but the one thing that has really solidified that?


That sounds ridiculous.

But weirdly, it’s true. Amy’s known how to knit for a while, and even tried to teach Bailey once, but rarely ever spent time on the hobby she learned as a kid. She picked it back up again when her husband asked her if she could make him a hat. She responded, “I think so”. And did (it was her first hat, and terribly ugly but he did wear it, maybe twice, to be nice).

Bailey, on the other hand, decided to have another go at knitting (after Amy’s sub par attempt) and took some classes after she moved her life to Boston. She then graduated to crochet and forced Amy to learn it, as well.

Fast forward a few years later, and here we are. Texting each other what we’re working on, exchanging pretty Instagram knit pics and joking about their “grandma” hobby as we pass along info on yarn sales.

And we just really want to keep talking about it with whoever wants to listen. And how we weave (knit?) our little hobby into our lives.

Perhaps you’ll see our latest creations. Or be told a story. Or laugh at a play-by-play of how to not cry when security forces you to throw away your entire crochet hook set in the airport (Bailey is promising that tale soon).

We’re not really sure. But hey, this could be fun, right?

-Bailey & Amy

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