Weekend plans means trips to Jo-Ann’s

I’m getting very excited for fall, and never thought I would be saying that.

I usually love the summer heat and hate the cold. Our 3rd floor apartment is partially to blame, which lacks central air and proper insulation that can maintain a livable temperature, so relief from a 95+ degree day was hard to come by.

This summer’s heatwaves were exceptional. After work hours were spent laying on the couch like a slug from 6:30pm to 11pm, before retreating to the bedroom which was slightly more comfortable thanks to our window unit.

There were a couple weeks where I even woke up early to go to work and stayed late, simply to avoid melting (and to be productive, of course). #HereForTheAC

The heat also made it impossible to make any knitty things with my sweaty, clammy hands, and it was sad.  I took a mini maker hiatus.

But I’m BACK!

It’s time for Fall, or weather with sub-75 degree temps. I’m ready to make more hats that I can gift to my family/friends. I love making hats, it’s ridiculous and unnecessary how many I have stashed away – (if anyone needs one, lmk – I’m drowning in them).

I’m also ready to get back into my routine of weekly trips to Jo-Ann Fabrics. This may not seem like a big deal, but I don’t have a car in the city and the hubs drives a manual. So I have to count on him to drive me on these impromptu yarn runs, and he does it with a smile. Mostly because I leverage it with a free lunch. Taco Bell is conveniently located next to my store, so I’m more than happy for lunch to be my treat.  I dream of the *Double Decker* with nacho cheese and will never stop.

Ah, I just love standing in the yarn aisles and brainstorming what can be made next. I often buy spontaneously, which isn’t wise. The three overflowing storage bins in the guest room are perfect examples of that strategy.

But I just LOVE to browse…


“Ooooh, look at these!”
“Do you like this color?”
“Do you want me to make you something with this?”
“Do you think XYZ would like this if I make them that?”

You know, the typical Q’s to keep him involved, and from nodding off. I usually get a “sure” or “mmmhmm”, but that’s cool. He doesn’t get the obsession, and that’s okay. He doesn’t rush me out of there, and that’s what really matters.

I’m surely one of many buying without a project in mind. I just can’t resist.  I’ll buy yarn, and then figure out what to make later – which again explains the storage bins.  They make me feel like a hoarder, so I recently promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything unnecessarily until I can make things from what I already have.

That is, until the next kit or pattern comes out that I MUST try.

In that event, I cannot be held accountable for anything I just wrote.


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