Made in Manhattan

This past May, I spent a week in NYC for a training class, and extended my trip to celebrate my birthday (wee!). I took the Amtrak from Boston, which is preferable over flying any day.  At least with the train I can throw my stuff on the seat next to me, pretend to be asleep at each stop, and keep my fingers crossed that no one will want to sit by me, or risk waking me up to ask.  It’s a fun game to play, and if it works – even better.

In preparation for this trip, NY yarn stores were mapped out (Purl Soho – a fav!), highly rated pizza shops were flagged, and walking routes to get the hell out of Times Square were ingrained in my memory.

I had to stay in Times Square for the first half of the week since my training was nearby.  It’s cool for approx. 15 mins, which is enough time to take a few pictures and bolt before the person dressed as Elmo approaches you for a picture you didn’t ask to take, and demands payment.  It’s understood that the street performers are a part of the experience, but it’s too much.

The “while in NY” to-do’s were well planned, the last thing to be done was to figure out what to make while en-route to the concrete jungle.

This lead me to the “Manhattan Market Tote”  by “Mama In A Stitch”.  It was fitting since that is where I spent my week.  The pattern is free; the tote is super cute and it was the perfect summer accessory.  I just so happened to have ~2 balls of bulky yarn to use (no idea when I bought them, or why).

I LOVE Mama in a Stitch , she is flagged in my favorites and her projects are top of mind when I consider what to make next. The blog has free patterns that are perfect for any maker level, they’re thorough, easy to follow, and practical.  I have made several knitty things with the help of her creative talents.


I worked on that beauty in between naps on the train, and through mid-week in my closet sized hotel room (hiding from the rain) – it was an excellent distraction.

TBD on the best use for this tote, but I do know it’s great for road trip necessities (mostly yarn, and maybe a bag of Fritos).  It has also proven to be useful in carrying spiked seltzers to the beach but hey, the possibilities are endless and I WILL be making this tote again.


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