Black & Gold

It’s funny to think I met most of my college friends over 15 years ago at the University of Missouri. A bunch of us, just thrown into an extremely awkward living/social experiment in the dorms.

As a 33-year-old, I see now that maybe we all could have used another year or two of parental supervision.

But I digress.

We didn’t necessarily choose to be friends. I would think everyone involved would call that a fair statement. We just sort of ended up in the same place and found it convenient to travel places in packs- the bigger the crowd, the better.

But after the first year, it WAS up to us on what happened next. Most of us chose to continue being friends. And that’s what actually matters, right?

So after four years of complete and utter nonsense, we all graduated and moved away, with some of us landing in the same cities.

And wouldn’t you know it, we still found reasons to hang out?

champagne brunch

We still hung out to watch Mizzou sports, and still brought beverages in abundance, but matured enough to start doing things like organizing full brunch menus. Not pictured: brunch.

Slowly, though, the flow of champagne tapered off. We got busy. Got married. Started having kids. Talk about the best bar in town became talk about what level of Costco membership to obtain. The definition of sleeping in on a Saturday went from 10:30am to 6:30am.

We’ve all become lame together. But what do you expect after 15 years? I’m closer to 40 than I am to 21. Something was bound to give.

But after my friend announced they were expecting baby #2, I decided to take him and his wife on a quick walk back to memory lane, where it all began.

Mizzou baby gift

The kid has to learn where his parents came from (and more importantly, where they met). And while Mizzou sports may be lacking this year, at least he’ll still be prepared for game day.

It’s like Daisy Farm Crafts can read my mind when it comes to what makes a good baby blanket- I’ve bookmarked the majority of her blanket patterns for future use. I’ve already used this particular one twice.

black and gold baby blanket
I can’t wait to visit my friends again once the lil’ guy arrives. I have so much to tell him. He needs to know that Auntie Amy has a WHOLE lot of stories about his old man to use as leverage when he’s older. 😉
Because friends don’t let those kind of stories become forgotten.

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