When in Rome, leave your hooks at home

Yesterday was a good day.  My Amazon package finally came, and it only took ~a month. A kit with new, shiny, 22-piece crochet hooks, and another 4-pack of larger hooks.  These new beauties aren’t anything special, per se..but they do fill the void in my heart from my last set, which was confiscated at the Rome airport about a month ago.

Disclaimer:  I respect ALL airports and the rules they’re required to follow.  I am a rule follower, always.

It’s been several weeks, and I’ve since calmed down.  BUT, this little situation occurred when I was in my weakest state: we were flying home after a 2-week vacation in Italy, I was already unstable knowing I had to go back to real-life.

Did you know crochet hooks are considered “tools” which apparently cannot be taken on a plane?  Me either. I mean, I know they’re “tools” – but not tools that should be considered dangerous, in my opinion.  The TSA understands this, I’ve flown to multiple states within the US, and to Canada with those bad boys, and never had an issue.  So, when the lady inspected my bag and told me I couldn’t take them, I wasn’t amused.

“But I brought them here from the U.S., why can’t I take them back?”  – “Because they’re tools” [Blank stare]

“But…they’re not sharp..” [Blank stare, and watery eyes]

“What about this one?…or this one?” – “I have to take all of them, I’m sorry”

She took them all, but let me keep my tiny scissors and tapestry needle..which was nice? Whatevs.

I was about to board a full flight back to reality after 2-weeks of eating pizza and drinking wine every day.  I was too weak to argue.  I stated my 2-3 valid points, scoffed, and eventually caved.  She took them out of my case, and left me with tiny scissors and stitch markers.

Look how sad:

I guess I should be encouraged with the safety precautions that airport took, but I was about to hop on a 9-hour flight with nothing to do besides watch “Isle of Dogs” for the 3rd time.  I had no time to be rational.  Regardless, I schlepped off with the remainder of my stuff, hit the “thumbs down” button in the “rate our service” kiosk on my way up the escalator and cried.

Hubs looked at me like I had 3 heads.  I know it was a totally ridiculous thing to cry about, but I felt totally robbed, still do.  #Dramatic

I find comfort knowing that some little old lady in Italy is happy with her free hooks that her grandchild confiscated from an overly emotional tourist heading home.  Enjoy them, Granny..I know I did.

Moral of the story:  When in Rome..do not take your crochet ‘tools’ – but every other place it’s probably okay.

I wonder what happens to all the things that don’t make it past airport security?  Are employees allowed to take what’s left behind for themselves each night?  If that is the case, I’m applying with the TSA immediately.


2 thoughts on “When in Rome, leave your hooks at home

  1. I would have cried too!!!! Did they give you the option to get out of security and go check them? I usually don’t have time to do that with my flight, so I understand. Glad you got new hooks!!!! 😘😘


    • They did tell me I could check it in. So I went back out to try and put them in my bag I already checked 5min before (hoping they’d give me access to my suitcase) and they wouldn’t let me. I refused to pay $50 to check in my little hook case 🙃. Oh well right? 🖤


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