My Beginning Raglan – KAL

Knit-a-longs, a perfect opportunity to create something beautiful with fellow makers who may or may not have the same hesitations making sweaters as I do.  When I first saw the #mybeginnerraglan from @Knitatude on Instagram a couple months back I knew it was something I had to try, eventually.  So when I learned a knit-a-long (KAL) was starting the beginning of October, I jumped on it.

What a perfect Fall knit.  This raglan, so chunky, so cute, and so quick.  I’m new to the sweater making game, so any chance I get to improve my skills, with the help of others, I’ll take it.

We were all in this journey together, big perk.  It was also a chance to tap into the maker community and I’m all for meeting like-minded people who are obsessed with the same things as me.

A place to ask questions, provide input, receive feedback on which color to use, advice on how to check gauge, confirm what size works best – it was all helpful to know I was in the same boat with a couple hundred others who had similar questions and concerns.

Of course I chose black, technically it’s “Metropolis” 🖤

October 1 we began, 2-weeks to finish and the clock was ticking.  It’s no rush, we worked at our own pace – but of course a lot of people got a head start (myself included).  Week 1 to work on the body, Week 2 to work on the arms, no problem.

Getting started, I knew this would be quick, chunky knits always are.  I was just afraid after all this work it wouldn’t fit the way I envisioned.  That is true for any garment, and sizing up can be a gamble.  Luckily, I love baggy sweaters, so even if I f’d this up, chances are it would still have worked out just fine.

Yarn overs, increases…my least favorite part.  I ignored my mistakes and added stitches where they may or may not have belonged to get the right counts, but I simply could not frog this thing more than twice.

Once I got to the body portion it was smooth sailing..except, I noticed that the measurements for the body had the width for size Small.  Oops, I intended this to be a Medium.  I kept going in hopes it would stretch, and blocking was always an option.

The #mybeginnerraglankal hashtag and FB group was helpful for me to check out other people’s progress, and a place to get answers to the FAQs. Should I Increase my needle size? Expect it to be baggy? Add on rows for length? How do I try this on without my needles falling off?

Thank you knit-a-longers, for all your guidance as I pulled this thing together.  Making this with all of you was my favorite part!

Now that I understand the “basics” and construction, I think I’ll try this again, but in stockinette J.

I love this sweater, it’s so squishy and it fits me perfectly, even though it was supposed to be a size larger – it all worked out.  Maybe next time I’ll increase by needle size and try with a solid color (black, probs).  Have you done a KAL before?  If so, what was your favorite part?

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