I am, by definition, a bit of a nerd.

It used to be such a big deal to try and be “cool”. And I did try… back in the day… 20 years ago… (omg).

But honestly? Not giving two shits about what others think is way more fun. 

Hi, mom. I’m sorry you had to see that. But “two shits” was the best way to get my point across without dropping the f-bomb. I like to think restraint was shown.

But anyway, I am a nerd. 

The first time this was embraced publicly was when I joined a book club approximately 8 years ago. And then another. Two book clubs at the same time! 

There are so many jokes and memes about “oh, I’m just in it for the wine… lolz”. That’s not me. I joined for the books. Because I just really love to read. I even completed the 50 book challenge on Goodreads a couple of years ago (so did my coauthor Bailey, but don’t tell her I told you that). 

Eventually, the two book clubs slowly dwindled in membership and went away. Which seemed unfortunate, but then I was invited into another book club (do I have a reputation or something?). And that one is in its 5th year, so I’m feeling pretty confident about the staying power of it. 

And after 5 years, we’ve really gotten to know each other. So it’s not a surprise the knitters/crocheters of the club found each other. What luck!  

While crochet is often considered a solo hobby, I’ve seen groups of older ladies clubbing it up at Panera with their hooks and yarn. And I’ve been jealous.

So this week, a few of us book clubbers decided to meet for extracurricular activities. 

Hooking and beer!


Crochet hooking and beer!

That’s better. 

What a funny little gathering we were, organizing our yarn as we examined the beer list. 

There were a few double takes, specifically from the waitress as one of the girls unzipped and displayed her crochet hook collection for the rest of us to ohhh and ahhh over.

Perhaps we would have gotten a few less stares had we been in a coffee shop?

Maybe next time.

Besides, a double IPA pairs nicely with most stitches. (Just a FYI on that.)

What makes you a nerd? And where do you crochet?

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