Yoga Retreat

The Berkshires (or close enough to them) in the Fall, that’s all I needed to know when I decided to sign up for a long weekend yoga retreat a couple weeks ago.  A little over a year back, a couple friends of mine went to this retreat hosted by Radiant Yoga in South Boston and I knew the next time one was scheduled, I had to be in on the fun.

It could have been the picture of my friends doing head stand poses with the fall foliage in the background, or being provided 3 home cooked (CLEAN) meals/day that sold me.  Hard to say.

I’m not great at yoga, per se – but I’m getting better, and I am a huge fan of getting away from the hustle and bustle of Boston to spend some time away in the mountains.  Peace, quiet, great company, yoga workshops/sessions, down time, and clean food, a dream come true.

Clean eating, I was a bit skeptical with the vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, etc. options and was worried I would start craving Fritos and Slim Jims every hour of the day but I cannot stress enough how delicious the food was, and how great I felt after eating it.  Besides, I need to stop eating like a 10-year-old whose parents left them home alone on Saturday night.  I’m not vegetarian, or a clean eater, but if it’s there, and I didn’t have to cook it, I’m eating it.

No TV and limited phone activity (aside from picture taking) is a beautiful thing– being unplugged is underrated.  Not knowing what was going on in the world was incredibly refreshing.  No distractions, no notifications, no news (good or bad) coming through gave me the chance to feel disconnected with the world, and more connected with myself, and the people around me.

As much as I love it, social media can be the worst distraction, and can make the world seem very small.  Unplugging and being present in the moment gave me the reset I needed to get through 2018.  Self-care is everything, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of such a lovely, relaxing weekend.

Have you ever been to a yoga retreat, or taken some time for yourself to unplug and reset?

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