Family Traits

One of my favorite stories from when my husband and I were dating is about the first time I cooked in his apartment. I was making homemade pizza (man, I used to be so much better about cooking). The pizza was done and the search was on for a potholder.

I shouted for Kyle frantically because the pizza was going to start burning, and asked where his potholders are.

“Oh, a potholder?”, he asked as he took off his shirt, “here, just use this.” And he walked out of the kitchen, leaving me utterly confused with his shirt hanging in my hand.

I acted quickly with getting the pizza out of the oven, but then followed him to his living room (in other words, I took 5 steps out of the kitchen- I cannot stress enough how small this place was). “Are you trying to make a move on me or is this literally what you do every time you take something out of the oven?”

The man had no potholders. None whatsoever. How had he made it this far in life? I have no idea.

Well that story eventually got around to my grandma. And my grandma, the ever so crafty lady she was, immediately put some homemade potholders in the mail. She used to quilt them together using old towels. The lady had 13 children. So she clearly knew how to stretch a dollar and not waste a thing.

Fast forward a few years, when Kyle put a ring on it and solidified his place as a member of the family, my Mom made him his own Christmas stocking- filled with intricate beadwork and stitching.

Needless to say, our family is crafty bunch. So when Kyle found out I had the ability to knit, he wasn’t so much surprised as he was amused.

“So you can knit me something? Like I can ask you to make me a hat? And you can make it?”

I had never made a hat before, but figured it couldn’t be that hard. He picked out the yarn and lo and behold, A hat was made.

Looking back at it, the yarn probably should have been a bit chunkier. And it’s clearly not a nice looking hat. He still wore it a few times, but now it mostly just sits in our front closet.

A year later, he decides maybe not to ask for another hat (obviously), but a blanket. I was already working on one, so I said, “sure, you can have this when I’m done”.

And so I made a blanket. It’s the “As We Go Stripey” pattern by Not Your Average Crochet, with the exception of a few rows (I was not a fan of making bobbles at the time).

Our pup, Polly, has actually commandeered it as her own these days, so it’s not surprising Kyle has requested another blanket. This time in velvet because I told him velvet yarn is a thing now and he’s all for it.

Stay tuned for that one because I’m still waiting for a sale to make purchasing approximately 15-20 skeins (blankets are so excessive!) of that stuff a more budget friendly venture…


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