Girls Weekend- Asheville Part 2

As Bailey mentioned on Tuesday, we spend an extended weekend in Asheville and it was lovely. My husband was a little disappointed we only made it to six breweries out of, I don’t know, like 50, but it is what it is. I consider it more incentive to go back.

As she also mentioned, one reason why we were there was to hit up the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival. Originally, I wasn’t sure if I would find anything, but then I fell in love with this little guy:

His name is Winter Birch and he came from Interlacements, an online shop out of Wisconsin. How thrilled was my husband when he found out ordering more of this stuff was only a few clicks away?

Not thrilled. That is the answer. Not thrilled…

Anyway, because we didn’t want to sit on our bums and crochet and drink beer the WHOLE weekend, as enticing as that was, we did take an early morning drive out to Catawba Falls that Sunday before too many people were stirring.

Obviously we brought Winter Birch with us.

He’s his best when in his element.

North Carolina is lovely at this time of year. The hike was brisk, the views were ideal and the reward for doing such physical activities is always beer.

Can’t beat it.

Winter Birch and I continued to hang out on the way home- he fit snuggly in my purse and kept me company the whole flight home. He’ll be a scarf soon. All half double crochet because it seemed silly to do anything more intricate with a yarn that was already more than beautiful on its own.

I just have to organize my life again from being gone for so long before focusing on completing a few projects.

It will also first require convincing my child that I’m going to need my spot where I crochet back. Gone for three days and he thinks he can call dibs… the nerve of some people…

QUESTION: How many projects do you have going on at once? I’m too OCD to have more than two (maybe three) at once, so I’m in a bit of a panic with all the projects I have started right now…


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