Fiber Fests & Football

Last weekend was jammed packed with activities.

Activity #1 – The Fiber Festival of New England.

Activity #2 –  Packers v. Patriots game @ Gillette Stadium.

Two opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum, but that is how I roll.

I’ll start with the fiber fest.  I realize I just went to one the weekend before in Asheville, but I couldn’t resist.  This one was about 2 hrs West of Boston in Springfield, MA.  It took some convincing to get the hubs to take me on this road trip.  I promised cool animals, a free lunch, and a pit stop to the new casino for his troubles.

Thank goodness for that casino, it sealed the deal.  He got to play craps for about an hour, and he ended up winning enough money for me to even out on my yarn splurge.  What’s yours is mine, amiright? – and that includes gambling earnings.

Anyway, this fiber fest was glorious, and seemed a bit larger than SAFF.  Hubs was such a great sport through it all.  He was on board with my plan to walk down every aisle and focus on one side at a time so I didn’t miss ANYTHING.  I have a system.   He was half paying attention, but that is 50% more than I thought.  He was a great photographer of all knitty things, and that is all I could ask for:

He thoroughly enjoyed the alpacas, who wouldn’t?  Just look at their cute furry heads. They’re my favorite.


I also overheard him talking to the owner of some super cute Angora rabbits.  Apparently, those (not so) little cuties shed enough fur to make ~1 sweater worth of yarn per year.  Don’t quote me on that, I’m a bad listener. (I googled it though, they produce 2 lbs of fur per year – that seems about right).

The animals were precious, they had beer at the concession stands, and I made it out with a couple very pretty skeins (neutral, obviously).  I’m quite proud of how well I controlled my spending in yarn paradise.  There were ladies there who brought their own carts for their loot.  I was jealous – I will be them in years to come, I hope.

4-hour round-trip road trip for a fest…what did I do with my time? Make a Green Bay Packers beanie for Sunday night football of course.

I had some buddies in town for the Packers v. Patriots game at Gillette Stadium and we pulled the trigger on going with them about 2 days in advance.  This took some convincing.  I have my Sunday routine – which is to catch up on everything that I procrastinated on the week before. If I went to the game, nothing would get done.  But then I realized nothing would probably get done anyway.  #FOMO

It’s Rogers v. Brady, I am a Packers fan, hubs is a Pats fan, how could we not go?  I decided to push off my responsibilities for another day (or week), and  just do it.

My hat > his hat

Door-to-door from start to finish was ~10 hours, I’m not kidding (including game duration and tailgating).  If you know anything about Gillette Stadium, you know to plan your trip to take at least 1.5 hours each way.  Even longer for us since we took the train.  It’s brutal.  Just imagine:  an overcrowded train at 12:45am full of medium to highly drunk fans.  I won’t bore you with the logistics, but just know that it was a great ONE time experience.

I will not be going to a Sunday night game there again.  Not because I had a terrible time, but because I was trapped in between train cars for over 1.5 hours, standing way too close to strangers past 1am.  I should have hitchhiked.

We had a blast even though the good guys (Packers) lost.   I’m grateful to have gone, but from now on I’ll just watch it from my couch, in the comfort of my own home, far, far away from people.  At least from home I can see the replays and not stand in long lines for beer and bathrooms.


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