Adulthood Criteria

I am the worst when it comes to decorating my home.

To be fair, my pinterest boards are ON POINT. But execution? Not good. I feel like the general theme of my entire home is “well she tried her best but fell a bit short”.

What are ya gonna do, though, amiright?

What I really love about almost everyone else’s homes are the following things:

1. They somehow keep plants alive. I’m not sure how, but they do. The only thing I seem to be able to sustain is about three philodendrons. But those things can probably be stored in a dark closet for 6 months of the year and still make it out alive. So it’s not really an accomplishment.
2. Mixing patterns and textures. I. Get. So. Scared. Everything is pretty much a combo of solid colors. Patterns are scarce.
3. Kitchen appliances that aren’t slightly yellowing from age. I do not have the kind of cash to throw away a refridgerator that is still kicking, as ugly as it may be. I just don’t.

*shoulder shrug*

So as you can imagine, per number 2 on my list above, this patterned rug has given me some grief when it comes to ALL OTHER THINGS IN MY LIVING ROOM.

But I enjoy it and have been looking for the perfectly matched mustard shade to use on a new cozy blanket for the room. And lo and behold, I found it at Michael’s! The Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in Golden Rod.

Given the season, I’m surprised I haven’t had to throw some elbows to obtain enough of this particular color for the blanket.

As a side note, is my husband the only one out there calling skeins “loaves” of yarn? Just me? Yes? I thought so.

Anyway… for the chunkier yarn, I never feel like anything ornate is necessary, so the blanket was done in a simple moss stitch. Perfect for mindless work during my Netflix binges. This particular project was done throughout most of season 8 and part of season 9 of Frasier.

Don’t look at me like that. Now that I’m older, I appreciate the humor. Don’t believe me? Watch a season and then we’ll talk…

The end result is a heavier throw, but it is SO snuggly for the upcoming winter months. And the color choice was just what the room needed- a nice, coordinated pop of mustard yellow!

In the past, my pup Polly has claimed the blankets in this room as her own. So I’ll be sure to update you on how many weeks it takes for this thing to smell like “dog”.

Because with an hour, this happened:



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