Knits on the Beach

Knitting in public almost always attracts curiosity, stares, and the occasional “hey what are you making?” or “my grandma does that” I love to see people’s reaction, especially when they see me knitting on the beach in 85-degree weather. Classic.

I was fortunate enough to go to Florida last weekend to visit family.  My mom flew down from Illinois and it was a great to spend time together, and to get away from the looming bitter winter ahead of us. I try to go there at least once a year, sometimes twice (if I’m lucky).

Beach, I miss you already

The daily activities were: staying at our favorite resort, Chi-Chi’s at the Tiki bar, eating at our favorite restaurants on the circle, mimosa-filled brunches, QT with family, sun bathing and knits – it’s perfect.

Just look at this view, knitting chair included:

Sometimes I skip the knits because I don’t want to get sand in my WIP, or get it all oily from my sunscreen.  But this time, I brought a scarf and a sweater sleeve.  Ambitious.  I wasn’t entirely productive, but I thoroughly enjoyed the couple of rows I completed in between shell hunting, drinking colorful cocktails and dozing off for a nap every hour.

The beach was excellent (as usual), the weather was a solid 85 degrees and sunny every day, and there was no shortage of good food and drinks.  Quality time with the Ma is always a plus as well (Hi Mom, xo)!

However, the beach did not inspire me to finish my “Sewrella’s holiday knit a long” Instead, I’m now 1.5 weeks behind and stuck on “sleeve island.”

My magic loop skills need serious work

I didn’t go home with completed sleeves, but I did go home with a decent tan that will delay my winter pasty-ness, win.  Maybe I’ll finish them this weekend, or not.

What are your go-to projects to bring with you on your trips?  Do you ever have high hopes in being productive on your knit projects but get caught-up in the greatness of doing absolutely nothing instead?

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