Sewrella’s Holiday KAL

Welp, my 2nd KAL (knit-along) is in the books.  I’m proud to have finished this beauty.  I’ve never done colorwork before so I’m very happy with how it turned out.  I couldn’t go wrong, really..because if I were to botch it up, I would have called this my new UGLY holiday sweater.  But ugly, this is not. I L-O-V-E it.

This Sewrella’s Holiday KAL began at the beginning of November, with the goal to finish it by Thanksgiving.  I was a severely behind on progress.  Every weekend from early November until Thanksgiving was jam packed with something going on that kept me away from my couch.

This sweater (or pieces of it) have been all over the east coast: Boston, Asheville, Florida and each location I desperately tried to work on it.  It wasn’t until Sunday night post-Thanksgiving weekend until I was able to wrap it up.

Somehow this little guy took weeks to complete

You know how Thanksgiving is, all fun and games with family for a long weekend – which is always nice, until cabin fever sets in.

For whatever reason Thanksgiving was the coldest day we had this year.  Whyyyy?  Thanksgiving is the day of all days that needs to be a tolerable temperature.  We need to get out, walk around, work up an appetite for multiple meals.  Not this year (‘feels like 3 degrees’ – ew).  I still managed to eat copious amount of food with little to know energy exertion throughout the day, which was scary.

I also ate pie for breakfast all weekend, which was great – I’ll miss it.

The bottom line is: Without cabin fever..this sweater would still be haunting me, unfinished.  At least now it can haunt me through the holidays.  Luckily it’s loose fitting..

Magic loop, colorwork, and the fear of this not fitting properly made me very nervous.  Always remember to trust the process..knitting has a way of reminding me to do that.  Thankfully, it did all work out, and it fits, and I don’t have to say this is my “ugly Christmas” sweater at family holiday functions.

Before trying it on, I warned hubs “if this doesn’t fit me, prepare for a total meltdown.”  #MomentOfTruth, it’s scary. Thank you for fitting me, sweater – you were a lot of work.  On to the next, maybe.


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