Kits on Kits

I love crochet/knit kits.  All the essentials in one package.

No need to make a special trip for the yarn or worry that you’ll have enough, the pattern is printed for you and all you need to do is MAKE.

So, when I received both of my kits from Two of Wands/Lion Brand I was super excited.  I was just as excited to get home first to hide the package before the hubs noticed another shipment from Lion Brand with my name on it – win.

Two of Wands, I just love her style, and her garment patterns are “so me” – I hate that saying, but it’s true.

One kit is for the Eastwick Wrap, the other is the Java Wrap.  Are you seeing a trend here?  I love wraps – they’re so versatile and cozy.  Both are lightweight, and can be worn year round.  I like having at least one at work so I can wrap myself up and pretend I’m somewhere else.

I gravitated to these because I saw an opportunity to make something that would dress up the boring outfits I wear every day.  Black sweater/top, gray pants or jeans – I don’t have much fashion sense, so anything helps.  If I can wear the same plain top twice in one week, great.  The second day I’ll just hide my top with a pretty wrap accessory, yes please.

Oh, and kits were on SALE – double sold.

The yarn is incredibly soft, have you ever used Touch of Mohair? – swoon.

Now the big question is…which one should I make first? Stay tuned on the end results of these beauties!

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