Weekend of to-do(n’t)s

Last weekend I had the place to myself.  I had such high hopes of being productive and catching up with life, which was long overdue.  I have felt so behind for months, mostly because our weekends have been booked up and with the holidays approaching this was my LAST weekend to make count, for myself.  I had no distractions, no obligations and no deadlines.

So naturally, I finished maybe 60% of the things I HAD to get done..and the other 40% I convinced myself could wait.

In between laundry, cleaning, STARTING Christmas shopping (yikes, I know), returning online purchases, getting a package out at the post office (which by the way needs to be avoided at all costs the Saturday before X-mas), and studying up for a 4-day course I have this week, some tasks on my to-do list fell through the cracks.

I convinced myself Friday night was not technically the weekend, I worked until 4:30, was home by 5:30, and by then it was too late to do anything, right?  I was drained, I earned my night to relax.  So, I worked on my Eastwick Wrap and watched The Godfather. I’ve never seen it (weird, I know – but the timing was perfect since I rarely stay up past 10pm anyway).  3 hours of a movie I could BARELY hear or understand was just the ticket to get me to sleep for a productive morning.

Side note: I couldn’t get much crocheted in between my rewinds and volume control in that movie.  So. Much. Whispering.

Image result for the godfather

Saturday, I went to yoga in the morning, walked downtown to return something only to learn the store was being remodeled so, I guess I’ll let them keep my $85 until they decide to open again. I tried to shop a bit for the hubs but was completely overwhelmed by the crowds, so I went home, which is where I should have gone all along.

Seriously, shopping is SUCH a chore, and hassle.  Online only for me.  After I went grocery shopping, I went home to watch The Godfather Part 2.  Which was even longer than the first.  I don’t get those movies, at all.  I did end up wrapping a couple presents to make my tree look less pathetic though.

Sunday, I didn’t leave the house at all.  It was rainy, gloomy, and cold. I thought THAT would be the day to finish up the other 40% of things left.  Instead, I watched the Godfather Part 3.  I was warned it was the worst one, and I should have listened.  Am I the only one who has never seen these movies? I mean I guess watching close to 10-hours of gangster movies (classics, I guess), counts for SOME amount of productivity this weekend, say maybe…40%?

Baby Al Pachino was the ONLY reason I kept watching..

I did appreciate the weekend alone though,  and learned a lot.

  1. The Godfather needs to be listened to on the highest volume
  2. Finish your online holiday shopping by December 15 to make sure it ships in time
  3. Don’t bother going to the mall within 10 days of Christmas, your sanity will thank you
  4. The Godfather 3 should have been scrapped
  5. Studying and crochet do not mix..but I’m going to keep doing both because I love one, but hate the other..can you guess which one I hate?


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