Morning Madness

I have a dog (Polly), a “spirited” (aka crazy) 4.5 year old rescue.

I have a child (Henry) who has recently become an “independent” (aka extremely stubborn) two year old.

Between the two, my mornings are… exhausting.

As evidence, this is a typical day in the life:

I congratulate myself as I have gotten Henry through breakfast and into clothes for the day without too much of an issue. I then text my husband how wonderful the morning is going and send him a cute pic of the child we both love and adore.

That’s the exact moment Polly and Henry begin to conspire against me.

All of the sudden, Polly has the spoon Henry used for breakfast and is racing across the room, threatening to destroy it quickly. So I run after Polly.

Henry, meanwhile, takes this as an opportunity to bolt into the the kitchen to take a swipe of Polly’s food and throw it in his mouth. He thinks it’s “yucky food” but does it anyway just to get a rise out of his parents.

So as I thrown Henry’s spoon in the sink and am trying to pry the rest of the dog food out of his hands, Polly has jumped onto the couch to start humping an innocent throw pillow that has most definitely not consented to such crude actions.

I walk back into the living room to instruct Polly to get down off the couch and said pillow, only to turn around to see Henry chucking ornaments from the Christmas tree across the room. He’s got a great arm, but his prospects as a professional baseball player are not top of mind at this moment in time.

Sometimes Polly is eating a shoe instead of a spoon. Sometimes Henry is pushing the buttons for the water dispenser on the refrigerator and ends up ready for a wet t-shirt contest.

They find ways to mix it up in order to keep me on my toes. Which is why I literally breathe a sigh of relief once I’m entering rush hour traffic.

What really pushes my buttons is Polly takes a snooze immediately after we leave and, once we get to daycare, Henry runs off to calmly flip through some books in the story time corner. Me, on the other hand? My mental state has become completely wrecked for the majority of the morning.

This is probably why I latched on to knitting so ferociously after picking it back up a couple of years ago. I needed something to “bring me down” a notch and knitting/crochet has been known to help with just that.

I love my kid. I love my dog. I love my job.

But sometimes? I just need some freakin’ yarn, man.

And also a drink.

Yarn and a drink. That’s the ticket.

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