Looking Ahead

Merry Christmas! Or belated Christmas, I suppose. I hope the holiday is continuing through the weekend for everyone.

And I don’t know about you guys- but my tree is staying up for at LEAST another week.

Finished up a baby blanket for a friend over the holiday. Started three more, so at least I have options when it comes to WIPs….

Fun fact – in college, my three roommates and I left our Christmas tree up until April. It was owned by the two sisters I lived with. It seemed awkward to ask them when they planned on taking it down, so my other friend and I just sort of got used to it as a mainstay in the corner of our living room. The ornaments came down in February. So really, for two months it was just a slightly obnoxious large fake house plant. Or that’s what we told ourselves.

Anyway… where was I?

OH. Yes. Christmas. It was lovely. And my family is coming in town this weekend for more Christmas activities, so it should be a great time until we hit the January doldrums.

And the topic of January is REALLY why I’m here anyway. Because it’s almost 2019! It’s a new year! SO MANY GOALS TO BE HAD!

I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to accomplish this year. And this is what I’ve got so far:

1. Save more money. My husband and I have always been a bit thrifty by nature, but things did get out of hand earlier this year. It started with takeout on Fridays, then wine and cheese Wednesday (and then wine and cheese Monday and Thursday got added to the mix- that was fun…) and continually got worse and worse and I swear we were one step away from lighting dollar bills on fire for the fun of it.

Not really, but we did have a talk about long term goals (UGH, adulting) and made it a challenge of being more conservative with our spending in the shorter term, invest a bit more and be a bit wiser.

2. Improve my skin care routine. I am 33 years old (gulp) and I do not have time for this wrinkle nonsense. If you have recommendations please send them. Heeeellllppp me.

3. 25 NICU blankets. I missed my goal by one last year, but this year? No messing around. I’ve also got approximately 1000 friends having babies this year, so things are going to get pretty serious.

Luckily, my favorite kind of crochet project is just crocheting large squares and calling them blankets. So this isn’t much different than what I’m typically up to- just putting a number on required production.

4. Do more public speaking. I have a lot of fun (ok, terrified fun) with doing Ignite chats and I’m hoping to do another one by spring. Maybe this next time I’ll actually invite people I know and allow them to see me do something potentially catastrophic.

5. Get my child potty-trained. This actually scares me, but I’ll be happier when I have to do less wiping of all the poop-related things. Also, we’ll save money on diapers, which coincides with #1 on this list, so that’s neat.

Welp. That’s about it for me. Lofty goals. What do you want to do in 2019?

*Insert awful joke about not hearing from me until next year.*

– Amy

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