Things I never thought I would do…

There are quite a few things about being an adult that took me by surprise. Or really, I knew these things existed, but I always thought to myself, “I’ll never be that person… no way”.

Which is hilarious. Because I am SO that person. Those fantasies I had about being a carefree, fun-loving, “cool” adult? Out the window.

As further evidence:

1. The emptier the drinking establishment, the happier I am. Back in college, if a bar was only half full when walking in, I would have immediately walked back out and hailed a cab to the next place. Now, I just really don’t like socializing with people I don’t know. Or rubbing shoulders with them. Or sitting within close proximity of them.

It’s possible this is why I’ve become such a homebody. I just don’t like new people that much. Even on New Years Eve, my parents were in town and offered to stay in while Henry was sleeping so my husband and I could go out. Kyle and I decided that sounded way too exhausting and went to the grocery store instead. I don’t regret it.

Crochet = homebody activity to the extreme

2. I never thought I’d get so angry over how dishes are stacked in a dishwasher. Do you have any idea how many debates my husband and I have had over this issue? He thinks I stack too closely and dishes can’t get cleaned. I think he stacks irresponsibly and we’re wasting water and electricity because he doesn’t stack dishes close enough. I have been known to secretly restack before starting the cycle. Because this is who I am now.

And don’t even get me started on the pre-rinse debate. (Seriously, what is the point of a dishwasher if I have to pre-rinse every dish? Sounds to me like the dishwasher needs to be replaced, not that I’m crazy for not thinking it’s required…)

3. Spend so much time worrying about paint colors. This last fall, we did some updates to our family room, which included repainting the entire room. We essentially repainted it a cream color.

Do you know how many shades of the color “cream” I looked at?

At least 50. I forced a friend to come over after narrowing it down to 10 to help me choose. Even now I look at the walls and think “perhaps we could have gone one shade darker”.

These are the things keeping me up at night.

4. Ask for a vacuum for my birthday.

I don’t even feel like I need to explain further. It’s too embarrassing. But at the same time, it’s a really nice vacuum. As a dog owner, this is critical.

I digress….

Honestly, there is more, but I’m just too worked up after talking about the first four things that I cannot deal with talking about the rest. We can revisit at a later date.

UGH. Even saying “we can revisit at a later date” is SO LAME. WHAT HAVE I BECOME?

I can’t.


– Amy

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