Cheers to the weekend!

..and I mean that quite literally.  This weekend is full of possibilities, with a chance of frigid temps, and lots of knits.  I have a feeling it will be spent like last weekend, which was spent watching “Cheers” on Netflix and doing my knits.

Cheers was not my generation, obvi, but I grew up watching the reruns because my parents loved it.  Last weekend I was clearly desperado for entertainment, and this weekend will likely be much of the same.

I am running out of Netflix shows, people. I need suggestions!  I scrolled and scrolled..and found lots of potential.  Did you know “It Takes Two” is new on Netflix now?  I loved that movie, a total classic.  That was watched upon discovery (check!).

Anyway, because the hubs was out of town the options were limited.  I can’t start an awesome show, docu-series, movie, etc. without him.  It’s frowned upon and considered betrayal.  Also if I watch something alone, no one can explain it to me – I have a wandering mind.

So I resorted to Cheers reruns, because I knew hubs wouldn’t mind me getting caught up on a mid-80’s sitcom without him – he’s probably seen them all anyway.

Ted Danson, I forgot how much I love him – so suave, still is.  Shelly Long is annoying – I need to look past her clean character and her awful hair (it was the 80’s, after all).  I just want to get a straightener to tame it..or brush it – or take out those barrette things.

I don’t know what happens next in the show, so don’t tell me – I’m only on early Season 2.  I know Kristie Ally comes in at some point, but I don’t know the correlation there – I hope she steals Shelly’s spotlight.  Either way, she’s much better.

It’s like a time warp, watching these shows from 30+ years ago for the first time.  Perk: I live in Boston and can go to Cheers anytime I want.  I have, and it’s not the same – at all. The highlight is going to Cheers, sitting at the bar, and watching all the tourists’ disappointed faces when they enter the establishment.

It’s an absolute travesty how they don’t even bother to make it similar to the show.  I haven’t been there in a couple years.  Now the upstairs area is supposedly a replica of the set, but I need to double check on that.  Maybe it’ll be added to my long list of to-do’s this weekend.

To dos:

  1. Watch Cheers.
  2. Go to Cheers to compare.
  3. Do laundry.

Oy, what a life.

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