Escape Artist

It was a few weeks ago, during that weird time between Christmas and New Years, where all the random vacation days sort of blur together into one weird point in time. Henry had a play date in the morning, which is always ideal on days off because play dates typically guarantee a two-hour nap on days when daycare isn’t open.

Per usual, I put Henry down in his crib, backed out of the room, grabbed the monitor and flipped on Netflix for a bit of me time.

Sure, there was laundry to be folded and dishes to be cleaned. There almost always is. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, I had just barely started flipping through my queue when I started hearing Henry kicking up a storm. It’s not unusual, but I took a peek anyway. I’m that mom. That noise you hear is just my helicopter blades.

Anyway, you can imagine my surprise when I saw my child balancing ever so gracefully on the top of his crib bars. Then he fell back into the crib. Stood up. Grabbed the front of his crib again, took a big jump, and teetered that much more over the side, not quite getting the momentum to make it completely over.

I’ve never ran up a flight of stairs so quickly in my life, opening the door to his room just in time to grab him just as he made another strong attempt to hurdle himself over the guard rail, head first.

He napped on his mattress on the floor that day. I had my husband help me convert the crib to his toddler bed that night.

And now I’m also making him a new “big boy” blanket.

baby boy blanket

I started this the exact day we converted his crib into a toddler bed. Pulled out the navy yarn that evening and went to work. This is why it is critical to keep a solid stash of yarn.

We were gifted one when he was born, but he’s starting to outgrow it and it doesn’t keep up with him during all of his nightly rolling around. I’m also a bit loony (I call it mama bear syndrome) and only really feel comfortable with him having some extremely breathable.

And matchy.


Before he was born, I knitted squares and sewed them together into one large blanket. Which also could have been used here, but it’s safe to say that blanket has not survived the test of time and is about one wash away from completely falling apart.

So here’s to new milestones and hopefully not a bunch of nights of him wandering into our room because he’s awake and bored…


Fingers crossed.

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