Stash Bust Season

I have been pretty good this year (almost 1.5 months in on 2019!), and haven’t gone to the craft store in months.  Except for the yarn stores when I’m out of town – those purchases are a given, and therefore do not count.

I’m talking about JoAnn’s or Michael’s.  I haven’t been requesting my weekend yarn runs lately. It’s concerning.  I’m pretty sure it’s because WIPS are taking  MONTHS to finish and are keeping me occupied.

There are also multiple storage bins full of random yarn I’ve been trying to plow through. I told myself to tone down the spending and use what I have in the instances where I want to start something new.  For the most part it has worked (so far anyway).

My bulky yarns with less than 100 yds have been transformed into hats or cowls that have come in handy this season.

My worsted weight yarns have been made into hats, or fingerless new obsession.

While crocheting away on garments that seem to be taking forever, I crave a quick project- something I can finish in a couple hours: like these fingerless gloves 🙂

fingerless gloves

Not only are they a quick knit, but they don’t require much yarn – only ~150 yards or so of Worsted weight.  Fingerless gloves, or mittens work up pretty quickly, and can be finished in 4-5 episodes of Cheers on Netflix.  Perfect for stash busting, and also quick gratification project for those of you who have ADD like me.

I will try to write up the pattern next time, because I’m sure I’ll be making more, stay tuned!

What is your go-to project to stash bust (aka, make more room for new yarn purchases)?

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