A letter to my newest love, my T&H crossbody project tote:

…I spotted you months ago on Instagram, and knew I had to have you.  I booked marked all the beautiful photos you were tagged in from Twig & Horn and ogled over your beauty.  I never pulled the trigger to buy you right away, which is one of my biggest regrets.  You’re not cheap, and you know it.  But you’re worth every penny, everyone who has you told me so.

Nonetheless, I was trying to be patient and responsible, and wait for the right time.

I would occasionally check in on you, make sure you were still around, in stock, and in my shopping cart – and you were.  You were available for weeks.  So many in fact, that I never thought you’d disappear.

That was, until the end of January when I was doing my bi-weekly check-in on IG.  The post I saw said that you were gone – or on your way out. 

As soon as I learned you were discontinued, panic ensued.  I’ve never felt FOMO quite like it.

What does this mean?  Why didn’t I just pull the trigger and buy you when I had the chance?  Why must I over analyze all my purchases?  Will I ever love another bag as much as I love you?  Would there ever be another accessory that would be better suited for my needs?  All answers pointed to “No” – but I wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

My mission was clear.

I scoured every single IG tag of you, clicked on them, and clicked on the accounts (or stores) that posted you.  There were so many.  I went to their websites and checked their inventory until I found you again.  It took days.

Days of disappointment.
Days of seeing “out-of-stock” in the checkout section.
Days where I was mentally preparing to just move on completely and forget about you.

Until one day (~5 days later), I stumbled on a post from “Blazing Needles” who just so happened to have ONE more of you in stock.  Just one. I did cartwheels, I texted my friends who knew about you to share my exciting news.  They all thought I was deranged, but they don’t understand.  I don’t even understand.

Order. Confirmed.

Those two words changed my whole week around, maybe even my month, and the foreseeable years ahead.  Years of us together, navigating life, taking trips and seeing the world.  Ah, it’ll be perfect, I know it.

I am so grateful for social media, and my stalking abilities.  Without those skills, I would be without you, my beautiful accessory that I 100% could not live without.

Please know that you’re worth it, darling, and I would do it all over again if I had to.


Your psychotic, accessory obsessed, companion for life, Bailey ❤

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