THOSE yarns..

I have (more than) a couple of them laying around.  The yarns that are so pretty you just don’t know what to make with them.  The ones that you impulsively buy because you’re visiting from out of town and have to buy SOMETHING, even though there is no project in mind.

I have a lot.  Usually I just make a hat, because if it’s over 130 yds it’ll at least be something that can keep my head warm.  There are a couple instances where I’ve bought more than one skein, so maybe I can make a scarf, or a wrap, or multiple hats.

But what stitch do I use?  How long will it be?  Do I have enough yarn? Will I like it?

I never know.

Which is why they sit in storage bins until I’m done overthinking their purpose.  I buy things without a clear vision, which leads me to hunt on Ravelry for free patterns filtered by yardage.  I would say it works 70% of the time, the other 30% I get trapped in a rabbit hole and forget what I’m browsing for.

This yarn from Miss Babs that I purchased at SAFF is one that I sat on for months.  560 yards is a lot, and I don’t’ want ANY of it to go to waste.  So, hats are out of the question, I know it had to be something bigger.

Luckily, I found this simple FREE Triangle Neck Wrap pattern on Ravelry last week and knew it was a match.  No need to read the pattern (easy to memorize), it can be as big as I want, and it’s in garter stitch – nice and simple for this particular yarn.  I cannot wait until I finish it – I just love how the color worked up.

Do you have a favorite pattern you use for scarves or wraps?  I’m particularly interested in things I can wrap myself up in to hide.

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