My new favorite website is Knitters Review that has a list of knit related events broken down by month, for the year of 2019.  Every month, I browse to see what is going on and flag things that are within an hour drive of Boston.  Luckily for me, last Saturday was Woolapalooza and I had no plans –  The site highlighted “Drumlin Farm’s new spring babies” –  and how it is “the perfect setting to delight in all things sheep” – I had to go.

Drumlin Farm is only about 30-min away from Boston, and it was one of the warmest day’s we’ve had this year.  Any chance I can get out of the city and go on a farm, I take it.  It was so quiet, and peaceful, aside from all the screaming children (there were a lot of them).  I didn’t care, the farm animals in their element were enough to keep me occupied for at least 1.5 hours.  Just look at this little guy!

He was only 3 days old.  Most of the baby sheep were born within the week and my heart couldn’t take the cuteness. 

Baby goats weren’t too shabby 🙂

They had a couple different stations around the farm, including a sheep shearing demos which I wish I didn’t witness.  This guy didn’t have an electric sheer, it was old school, and it was scary.  Either way, he knew what he was doing, and the sheep were very calm (not sedated, I asked).  I couldn’t help but think they were getting nicked, but I tried not to think about it.  

Wool galore!

There were hands-on activities for the kids to spin the yarn and a handful of people spinning their own:

Aside from the precious farm babies, they had a sheep herding area with sheep dogs which was a big hit.  The only sheep herding I’ve seen was from Brokeback Mountain, so I was impressed to say the least. 

Scattered throughout the farm were a couple of vendors with their homemade items (yarn, hats, rugs, etc.).  I wish I would have bought some of their yarn, but to be quite honest, that real stuff is way too itchy for my taste and I had no idea what I would make out of it.   

My favorite part was being with the animals in the barn because 1. I couldn’t smell anything (I was fighting a cold all week, so the smell didn’t scare me) and 2. The baby sheep – my new top 3 favorite animal – so presh.

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