Boston’s Run to Remember – Mem Day Weekend

I’m going to steer away from my usual knit-focused posts to something completely unrelated, running.

If you know me at all, you’d know that running is out of character for me, unless it’s to catch my bus every morning.

About a month ago I blogged about the Boston Marathon, and how it’s my favorite day of the year to live in Boston. I told myself that day that I need to be more active, and in April, my work crew and I decided to sign up for the “Run to Remember” race which has the option for a 5-‘mile run or half marathon.

For someone who care barely run 1-mile without stopping, the half was out of question, and I thought the 5-miler would be a stretch, but I signed up anyway.

I had about 1.5 months to figure it out, and build up enough stamina to run 5 miles non-stop. I know this doesn’t seem like a lot, and it isn’t for most people – It’s all mental. Just ask my co-blogger Amy how much I enjoy running. I don’t. I would run a mile, get bored, stop, and call it a day. This is us from a million (7) years ago at my first 5k. Amy was such a good sport -and- they had glow sticks, which was the main reason I signed up.


Anyway, leading up to last weekend’s run I ran maybe 5 times, 1 mile each week and that was it. I knew the outcome of this 5-miler would be a crap shoot and was 100% counting on adrenaline to get me through, that and the thought of the bloody mary’s and beers waiting for me afterward. It’s the little things..

Overall, I’d have to say that running the streets of Boston at 7am on a Sunday morning was pretty awesome.

They closed the streets and we were able to run through downtown’s scenic sites. I got a taste of what Boston was like without all the people (and cars), minus the thousand’s of runners, but you know what I mean.

Luckily for me, the adrenaline did kick in, and I was able to run 3.5 without stopping, and was motivated by the shade, downhill paths, and the person ahead of me that had a t-shirt that said “Before you hit the wall, hit back” – I felt that. I walked briefly to get some terrible yellow Gatorade and ran/sprinted the rest of the 1.5 miles.

I was able to finish at a decent time and finally felt the joy of completing a race, and the “runners high” that I’ve heard so much about from my colleagues. We’re already talking about which one we’re going to sign up for next.

I do, however, need to remember to stretch thoroughly BEFORE running. The next morning I woke up and felt like Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was bad news, and has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol I consumed that whole day.

Nothing that some frozen corn and edamame can’t cure, right?

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