I’m going to go ahead and anger a lot of parents right now when i say that my child never had to be sleep trained. After the first month of life, he was really great about long stretches of sleep, and even completely sleeping through the night not long after.

I know he is not the norm. And we felt… what’s the word? 

Ah- blessed.

Until recently. 

Apparently there’s a toddler sleep regression? 


It started innocently enough. He’d call for me once, shortly after going to bed. 

Then he started calling for me a few times in the first hour of being in bed. 

Trying not to snap my hook in half as I listen to my child rage against bed time.

Then he started calling for us in the middle of the night, too.

Then he started completely waking up in the middle of the night and refusing to go back asleep unless we were with him. 

We have felt the pain of listening to him cry it out for almost 2 hours. Kyle and I have spent recent nights on our child’s bedroom floor. (admittedly, when exhausted, my consistency falters)

Our child is tired. We are tired. Our dog is tired. 

When asked why he is sad or upset, all I get is, “mommy, sometimes I just need to cry”. Which makes me cry. Because why does my child feel there’s ever a need to just cry?

Parenting, at times, really is the punch to the gut you never saw coming. 

The kiddo helps with props sometimes. He’s got a great eye for contrasting colors. 

But we will continue to persevere. This phase surely can’t last forever. 

And there’s always wine. And my knits.

In other news, my child has also (almost) memorized three songs by The Killers, which is probably the one thing I’ve found amusing about his middle of the night wake ups. He sings “The Man” and “Run for Cover” to his stuffed animals.  

Perhaps this sleep regression is his way of preparing for the rock star lifestyle?

He’s so career oriented. 


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