Treat yourself, for better or worse

Monday was a big day for me, professionally speaking. Details of my professional goals don’t really matter at this time, but what does matter is the preparation. Preparing for the best, and the worst.

If things go great – I treat myself.

If things don’t go so great – I medium treat myself, because I know it’ll brighten up a crappy day.

For me, things did not go so great. Monday didn’t go according to plan, my expectation/hope for a specific outcome didn’t pan out. Whatev, that’s life, I’m learning. I need to work harder. It’s a frustrating reality that I somewhat prepared for in the following ways:

1. I scheduled a Stitch Fix to arrive June 24th so when I come home I’ll have something new to try on to make myself feel better about my awesome (or not so awesome) day.

2. I ordered a knit kit from Lion Brand last week so it could arrive and be ready to start THIS week. Nothing brightens my outlook more than a new project that I desperately need (hello, new summer backpack)!

3. Fill my social calendar because sitting at home moping for more than one night doesn’t do any good. Friends do. (Baseball game, drinks, sushi, brunch, yes please).

4. Block off one night to catch up on 3+ episodes of Teen Mom OG on my DVR. (I know, I know, but I love that show, and have watched it from the beginning. The kids are like 10 now and I am committed to see how they turn out).

5. Schedule a massage for the weekend. (I actually canceled this and will reschedule for when I REALLY earn it). I shouldn’t have canceled. Oh well.

All these things would be much more fun had I accomplished what I set out to, but I didn’t. I wish I were celebrating instead of wallowing but items 1-4 can help balance out my bum-ness.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will not let a setback get me down for more than 24-48 hours. I will learn from it, move forward and do better. I have to.

If you’re better than you were yesterday that’s progress.

How do you bounce back from setbacks? What cheers you up on a crappy day? Asking for a friend, aka Me. Please and thanks xo!


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