Series of Unfortunate Events

Sorry I have not posted in a while, things have just been crazy, and summer is flying by. I am trying to make the most of the warm months in New England – but studying for an exam that I am scheduled to take soon has completely consumed my life, and gotten in the way of my fun in the sun.  In addition to keeping my heads in the books. I have been dealing with chaotic rental drama with what seems to be a series of unfortunate events.

First, we had a typhoon like storm that lasted 45min, which resulted in about 6 inches of water in our basement, and a surge that knocked over HALF of our ‘air-tight’ bins on the floor. There is nothing like coming home from a long day to find my Game Boy AND Super Nintendo soaked, along with my Super Mario Bros, Tetris and misc. other games floating next to it.  I can barely type I’m so sad.  Of course I don’t play them anymore, the pixels on those games don’t collab well with my flat screen – but I didn’t want them to go out the way they did, casualties of a sh*tty basement flood – ouch.

There was also a bucket full of highlighter yellow colored softballs.  I’ve never played softball in my life. Why so many? Where did they come from?  I’ll never know.

Flooding happens, and I’m STILL doing damage control and laundering my “t-shirts I cannot throw away” bin.  A normal person would turn this tragedy into an opportunity and purge all shirts from 2001-2010, but not me.  How could I throw away my old volleyball tee’s that don’t fit me anymore?  How can I possibly toss my Panama City Beach tee’s from 2009? Too many memories attached to that debaucherous trip – I must keep them mildew free until I die – just in case.

In addition to our basement swamp, our roof deck was unexpectedly torn down.  What was supposed to be minor repair (to fix our leaky roof that has been there for 6+ years) turned into a full demo.  200+ square feet worth of views, gone in a matter of hours.  I didn’t even get to say goodbye.  I just came home and it wasn’t there anymore.  All we were left with was the mess, lots of contractors using our bathroom (gross), yelling landlords and ~4 less White Claws in my fridge.

August is the perfect time to demo a roof deck, who wants one of those in the middle of summer anyway?

Farewell outdoor space, farewell views, and farewell to all the junk from that rooftop room that I was more than okay to part with.  At one point we were throwing everything off the back porch from 3 stories up.  50lb plants, tables, chairs, speakers, you name it. It’s not the way I wanted to do things, but it was the forcing function that made us get rid of the sh*t we DEF did not need anymore – except when it gets rebuilt we’ll likely just buy more stuff we don’t need to fill it.  Sigh. I need a minimalist life.  Clutter makes me crazy.

Anyway, how is everyone else’s summer going?  I’m kind of ready for fall, and hoping I can get back to what I LOVE soon (i.e. less studying, more knits!) and LESS chaos.

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