It’s beginning to look a lot like..

..A Charlie Brown Christmas.  And I mean that in the most light-hearted way.  My CB Christmas pertains only to our tree, which is extremely Charlie Brown-y this year.  Thankfully, we dressed it up nice, and to the untrained eye, it looks ‘okay’ enough to hide all the branchless areas.  It looks much better in the dark (trust me):

We were late to the tree decorating party this year, because life.  But I’m happy to say we FINALLY got around to it.  This year it was a tossup between buying a fake tree (which we NEVER do but I wanted to because it seemed easier), or going with our usual plan: Home Depot down the street.

Did you know that fake trees are like…$300-$400? When did that happen by the way?  ROI would take 5-7 years and I can’t think that far ahead. Yikes.

Anyway, we stuck to our routine and got a real tree at Home Depot (ha!).  I know there are other, BETTER places to pick up a tree..but oh well. I love HD:

While shopping for the perfect tree, we noticed that they were already pre-wrapped (which isn’t usually the case).  WTF. How were we supposed to examine the shape and envision this tree in our living room?  Sigh…I knew from that moment, that whatever we chose would be a gamble.  

Pro: It was easier for us to grab and go this time around. It took maybe 7 mins to pick a tree, opposed to the usual 30min we spend over-analyzing the sh*t of the other ones.

When we got home, put it in the stand, and stood back to look, I knew the physique of this 7-8ft Douglas Fir was in trouble – and could not be fixed.  I pulled out 4 large branches that left one side bare and the other side wasn’t much better– so sad.

This is us. I’ll be Snoopy because I just know his expression below matched mine: “what the..”

It’s okay though. Christmas isn’t about the tree, it’s about spending it with the people you love, and reminiscing on all the holidays in years past..that’s my favorite part..And to me and hubs, its also about comparing every tree we have to the tree we bought in 2014, which was the BEST tree of all time.  I wish I had a picture of it, it was a beauty.  At least we have free smells for the month of December, so that counts as a win for me.


But it was a great deal!

“This is ridiculous. Why on earth did you buy that much yarn? Don’t you still have a bunch upstairs?”

Well, yes, dear husband, I do. Likely more than you’re aware of at the moment. Most definitely more than you’re aware of at the moment.

So so much yarn stashed in random places…

But here’s what happened…

I wanted to make a tree skirt. In typical Amy style, I way undershot how much  yarn would actually be needed.

Like, I really underestimated. Math is hard.

Luckily, I happened to be off of work and it was Cyber Monday at the time and the online deals for in store pick-up at Michael’s were pretty awesome.

I then braved the nasty weather to Michael’s to pick up said yarn and continue work on my tree skirt. It didn’t take long until, for the second time that day, I realized I was still extremely short on the amount of yarn needed.

Back online I went to order more yarn, but the weather continued to get worse and I had somehow managed to buy out every last skein of yarn in that color the store had in stock. So I had to have it delivered to the house from whatever magical place Michael’s keeps their yarn.

It’s not a secret I’m a firm believer in not paying shipping if I don’t have to, and if I hit $49, shipping would be free. However, the real problem that led to this overabundance of yarn was that the sale was so good (yarn was discounted AND 30% off all regular and sale priced items!) that it took 20 skeins to get me over the $50 threshold. And even if I don’t need 20 more skeins at this very moment, it will surely last me a while and so it just makes sense to order them now while they’re on such an incredible sale.

So you see, it’s not really my fault that I now have what would fairly be called a ridiculous amount of yarn on hand. You can’t pass up a good deal or free shipping if the opportunity arises.

Perhaps next I’ll get questioned about my ribbon stash?!?!

But, my dear husband, isn’t the real question less about the amount of yarn I have and more about when we’re going to get a house with more rooms so I can store all of my yarn properly?