Game of Thrones. I can’t.

I’m basically one of the only people in the world who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones. 

There’s just a bit too much incest, rape and torture for me to pretend I’m into it. Should shrug.

Ironically, I seem to be perfectly fine with the amount of pain and tragedy Shonda Rimes has put Meredith Grey through over the past 100 years (give or take), not to mention all the random sisters and family members that keep popping up every time there’s a lull in drama. And they all randomly end up working at the same hospital, living in the same house like one crazy dysfunctional family. It’s bananas. I KNOW, JUST LEAVE ME BE.

But this isn’t about Meredith, ok? This is about the fact that my husband spent an entire week humming the show’s theme song in preparation of the premiere of the 8th season of GOT. 

And, by the way, I’m still irked that they never seem to wear anything to keep their heads warm in some of the coldest looking climates imaginable. Don’t they know how much body heat can escape from an uncovered head? 

What was this post about? 

Oh, I think I meant it to be about compromise. 

Because every Sunday night, it’s assumed that Game of Thrones will be on the family room television. And every Sunday night, I sit there pretending to be emotional support as I just keep my head down, working on other things. I don’t care what’s going on with that lady who has dragons for kids. I don’t care enough to ask why anyone would live in Winterfell year round… or ever. It seems unsustainable with that kind of climate. It’s constantly gray and depressing. They all likely have vitamin D deficiencies, which can be extremely dangerous if left untreated. 

I’m mad enough that I even know what Winterfell is. 

i.e. i crochet during Game of Thrones.

But my marriage is important to me so I will continue to wait to catch up on my own Sunday night shows at other times. Because compromise. And every Thursday night, it’s assumed my husband will sit in his chair, scrolling through memes on Instagram, and not comment on the highly unlikely amount of conjoined twin cases he’s seen walk through the doors of Grey Sloane Memorial hospital. 

We love each other, so we must continue to do these things. 

And I will continue to crochet as my husband watches terrible television.

Besides, what else was even on this last weekend? The Masters? 

Don’t even get me started as how the only reason golf is on television is to provide background noise for a nap on my couch. 


A Scarf for Jon Snow

I do not care for Game of Thrones. Not one bit. Too many people. Too many storylines. No one seems particularly happy.

I suppose the same can be said for This is Us, but let’s not dwell on that.

Anyway, because I’m a really great wife, I bought tickets to the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience for my husband’s birthday last year. Yes, I made him wait 11 months for his birthday present. He’s impossible to buy for and it was the best I could do.

But this weekend was finally the weekend he was waiting for. Game time.

Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

And as we sat and watched this concert, with dragons flying all around in snow-buried landscapes, and how cold everyone looked…. I started to wonder why there wasn’t anyone around going, “hey honey, before you leave to go slay this mythical beast, make sure you grab a scarf! Or a hat. Or SOMETHING.

They look so miserably cold all the time. And it was honestly concerning how few people thought to even cover their heads- do they know how much heat is lost by not doing so?!?!? I see people with hoods sometimes, but the hoods are never being used- probably because they’ll fall off when one gets to top speed on their horse.

Don’t look at me like I’m crazy. Jon Snow is never not running around with snow in his hair.

So I went home and continued work on a scarf I started recently and quickly tossed aside.

typical crochet mom

When it’s the weekend and your child wants to see what you’re working on. And then use it when it’s time for farm work to be done.

It’s the sedge stitch, a stitch easily learned from a Daisy Farm Crafts tutorial. The yarn is some leftover stuff I had sitting around. But, per usual, I horribly underestimated how much yarn is needed. And here it sits. Perhaps 60% complete.

grey scarf

What do I do??? Do I now have to go out and buy more of the yarn I was trying to get rid of? Should I just start a different color (like white or black maybe?) and pretend like I meant to make the scarf two-faced? Do I just unravel the whole stupid thing and just let the yarn I’ll never use sit until who knows when?

Seriously, I’m asking.

What a pain.

Perhaps this is why the Game of Thrones kids never have scarves on. They run out of yarn and shipping prices are likely exorbitant out wherever they are.

I guess I get it now.

– Amy