We took a lovely long weekend trip to Missouri over Easter. 

Given that my child is almost two and a half, it really is a crap shoot of what to expect from him on the 7.5-hour drive. For example, last time we made the trip, he projectile vomited within 5 miles of my parents’ house. 

It could have been worse, I suppose. He could have thrown up in hour 2 and the smell would have destroyed us all. So there’s that. 

But anyway, he did great. Both the ride down and back. Possibly the best road trip we’ve had with him. 

My husband, however, did not fare so well. 

He got the chills the night before we drove back home. 

We still drove back, but turns out it was strep throat. And we had all been trapped in a car together for 7.5 hours. 

Kyle immediately went into quarantine. And while I like to think of myself as a loving wife, there’s only so much nurturing to go around. And when I am doing everything I can to keep my child from getting strep, there’s not much leftover when it comes to looking over his well-being. 

I warmed up a couple of cans of soup. Threw a bottle of NyQuil at him through a slightly opened door. Provided him with some Clorox wipes to wipe down anything he touched between the two rooms he was allowed in – our bedroom and the bathroom. 

And then I slept on our family room couch for two days. 

Because it is all about survival. And sorry, bro, you have fallen and I cannot help you until you are officially no longer contagious. 

That does seem harsh. But to be fair, if I were to get sick, I would expect about the same. One adult being sick is tolerable. But if you take the child down with you, we’re going to have problems. 

He must be protected at all costs. 

So Kyle stayed in quarantine and I caught up on Netflix in the evenings, with crochet in hand. 

I really love the texture, but due to the size of this throw, it’s been slow going. It’s also stalled at the moment, because I need to buy more yarn for it.

With health being restored in our household, I also expect it to stall more because I am desperately behind on my NICU blanket goals. 

This is the last one I worked on. Before the need for quarantine.

Gonna have to partially blame the husband and his germs on that one. 🙂 


Wisconsin Weekend

As previously mentioned, my family was planning for a weekend getaway. 

In Wisconsin, actually. Sheboygan, to be more specific. 

Sheboygan is fun to say.


See? Fun. 

Anyway, it was a trip for the grand kids and mostly revolved around an indoor water park. Because there are not many desirable outdoor activities during winter months in Wisconsin. 

I think you can ski. But unlike my counterpart on this blog, I refuse to even entertain the idea of a hobby like that. 

My feet are better on solid ground. And if not on solid ground, they much prefer floating around a lazy river about 20x in a row with an excited but overwhelmed child chilling in my lap. 

He probably peed in the pool/on me. We’re not going to think about it. 

Anyway, when traveling, it’s always important to have packed correctly. And that includes the right amount of yarn and a good project to keep busy, even if there are only a few opportunities to work on it. That includes time spent in the car. 

My husband is the superior driver, there’s no argument about that, and so I happily keep myself busy and take very seriously my one job of turning on Google maps when we’re close to getting off the highway. 

Important stuff. 

It’s also great to have around for when my child chooses to forgo sleep because he’s not comfortable in a new environment and ends up in bed with us (kicking me in the back throughout the night) and then refuses to sleep past 5:30 am. 

It’d also be nice to have during middle of the day naps, but If we’re being honest, I ended up taking a nap at that time. Because 5:30 am. And tired crochet can be extremely consequential. I’ve yanked out rows upon rows before for simple oversights and it’s always a sad occurrence. 

Anyway, I started a blanket for friends due with their second in June, but probably won’t finish it anytime soon because it’s still a good size to take on the next road trip we have planned in April. 

My focus this month has been mostly on keeping up with my NICU blankets goal for the year. However, my son woke up calling for (i.e. demanding) someone to come wipe his boogers last night. So I suspect I’ll also have to put that away until we have a virus-free household again (rules are rules when it comes to charity guidelines, right?). 

Wisconsin has the best souvenirs!

All this means I’ll be focusing on getting a few other “almost done” projects completed and out the door because my collection of works in progress is starting to get a little overwhelming. And I still haven’t convinced my husband that a craft room is a valid reason for needing to move into a bigger house. 


– Amy

New Year, New (same) Me

Happy 2019, everyone!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am relieved that the holidays have come and gone.  Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with family, friends, back-to-back weekend road trips, and most def the break from work.  The holidays landing on a Tuesday this year made me realize that all work weeks should be 3-days long.  Because everyone is more productive in a time-crunch, right?

We need more life, and less work.  #Team3DayWorkWeek


This New Years weekend was spent in Killington, Vermont with a group of friends for skiing.  The Air B&B was right on Lake Bomoseen about 30-min away from the resort. It’s got to be one of my favorite rentals so far.  I should keep in touch with the owner in the event I hit the jackpot and never need to work again – I can retreat to VT and hide from reality.

Seriously though, the people are so nice/laid back, the pace is slow, the mountains are beautiful and so.many. trees.  Why can’t every day be that way?

Look at how perfect this set up was.  That fireplace, that couch – whew.  Who needs to ski?  Not me –  and I didn’t.  I opted to stay in, harness my JOMO (joy of missing out) moments and do what I do best.  Chill with knits – and be cozy AF.

In effort not to miss out on the ski-fun – I did get the mountain experience by treating myself to a massage, meeting up for drinks, and staring at everyone go down the mountain.  I’m not great on the slopes. Après ski is where I excel.

So many bloody marys…aka breakfast replacements.  There were 10 olives in that bad boy.

I also stopped by the Green Mountain Yarn & Fiber, because I always scope out the yarn stores.  It’s a must stop if you’re ever in the area.

I want this 🐻 for my living room 🧶

Anyway, the break was great overall – I spent time reflecting on the “New Year, New Me” motto, that I attempt every year.  It lasts about a week before reverting back to my usual self – which I’m 100% okay with.

This year I’m going to write goals down and hold myself accountable. It’s worth a try, and if I only follow through on one of these it’ll improve my life, and/or wallet.

  1. Order less pizza. We order in maybe 2x a week..sometimes more depending on the laziness.  I’m putting the delivery driver’s kid through college.
  2. Care less between the hours of 7-8am and 5-6pm (commuting time). If I could be more patient, it will likely have a ripple effect of greatness for the rest of the day.  It’s unnatural to have steam coming out of your ears by 7am, but it’s a daily occurrence.
  3. Deplete my yarn stash. I’m addicted to buying yarn with no project goals.  My apartment is closing in on me with containers. Someone stop me – SOS.
  4. Stop eating so much pasta! It’s cheap, it’s easy and…it’s easy.  However, I’m eating like I’m training for a marathon and I never run.
  5. Start running.

Do you ever make New Year’s goals that you never end up attaining?  For me, it’s going to be #3, 4 or maybe 5..I can already sense that I’m aiming too high.

– Bailey

Travel Entertainment Director

I’ve become very familiar with the landscape of central Illinois.

It’s not a lot to look at (if we’re being perfectly honest), yet we are required to drive through it several times a year to get to my hometown in Mid-Missouri. It’s a journey I’ve been making for 10+ years, so it’s nice that when Kyle and I started dating that he took over the reigns. He likes to drive and it turns out he somehow gets us there faster while still managing to keep under the speed limit (or so I’m told- I call it “magic” since that’s the only possible explanation I can come up with).

Now that the little dude is around and as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been fully relieved of my driving duties and have instead been promoted to Entertainment Director of the vehicle. As Entertainment Director, I have the following roles and responsibilities:

1. Maintain a sense of serenity within the vehicle. Outbursts of rage are expected to be contained to a minimum. This responsibility is in regard to both baby and husband/driver.

2. Be in charge of catering (snacks/road trip meals) to keep all energy and blood sugar at healthy levels. This also includes quickly pinpointing optimal fast food/rest stops along the way if one of the passengers starts to rage. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get service FIGURE IT OUT RIGHT NOW THE EXIT IS IN ONE MILE.

3. Primary diaper changer. This is by far the hardest of the tasks because my child is absolutely terrified of fold down changing tables in public bathrooms. An entire Arby’s heard pleas of “OPEN THE DOOR MAMA!” as soon as I pulled down the changing table and screams of terror during the entire diaper change and switch to pajamas.

4. Act as a subject matter expert to any and all requests by driver (i.e. Google any random thing that pops into his head. My search history is weird.).

5. Assist in retrieval of dropped toys and work hard to keep last resort of baby shark and other forms of media technology to a minimum.

6. Potentially serve as back up driver if driver has lost their ability to keep awareness levels at heightened levels (i.e. he’s really tired).

road trip crochet

Again, if we’re being honest, this job is really really hard because that’s just what parenting is. Even if I don’t have to drive. Because it’s like a long 7.5 hour work day. And it usually occurs after having already worked at my actual job. But it’s what we will continue to do until teleportation becomes a viable option.


I hope you have all recovered from your Thanksgiving festivities and are looking forward to the start of the Christmas season.

christmas tree skirt

It’s not time for full panic mode regarding Christmas shopping, but we’ll get there soon and can try to survive it together, right?
– Amy


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I feel it necessary to post about a few of the things I am thankful for. However, let’s skip the super obvious things and instead focus on some of the less appreciated things in our lives. Such as:

1. Frozen pizza. You make almost every Friday night at home so much more enjoyable. You’ve saved my family a ridiculous amount of money and also are a little bit healthier than your delivery counterpart. My wallet and waistline appreciate your work.

2. Tayo the Little Bus. You make my son so happy when I turn on Netflix and find you. While we often have to say “no, we can’t watch Tayo right now, he’s sleeping” as an excuse to not turn on the television, you are the one thing I know he’ll sit and watch so I can get a load of laundry done or prep lunch or just get 10 minutes to myself for the sake of my sanity. Thank you for also not being so over the top obnoxious that I can also tolerate you on a semi-regular basis. Parents, I highly recommend checking this one out.
watching cartoons and crochet
3. Netflix as a whole. You’ve made our household decision of cutting cable (and saving over $70 a month, mind you) an easy and tolerable transition. You’ve kept my husband and I entertained with old shows we loved (The Office!) and old shows that are new to us (Cheers!).

4. My Susan Bates crochet hook. You are perfect. Even if my dog tried to eat you and left behind teeth marks. And even though I’ve had to super glue you back together (only once!).


5. Screw tops on wine bottles. Because sometimes (or almost always) I don’t need the whole bottle. You make the decision to save the wine for another night that much easier.

6. Full coverage under eye concealer. Because I’m never not tired. You help me look like I at least sort of belong in the land of the living.

7. Medium roast coffee. See number 6 for my general feelings toward you.

So there you have it. A few little things in life that keep me going that perhaps never get their deserved time in the spotlight. Except perhaps the coffee. It seems I take a lot of pictures of my coffee.

I’m off to Missouri to spend time with the extended family for the rest of the week. That means I’ll be sitting in the back of our car, entertaining my child for 85% of the trip while googling any random thought that comes into my husband’s head as he drives the 7.5-hour journey. It’s a hard job, but someone has got to do it.

Have a lovely holiday and safe travels!

Also, I suppose I should say I am very very thankful for my family this year. My husband and son are the loves of my life, and my extended family and friends are so very important to me.

Guess I couldn’t get out of the typical thank you party, after all.

– Amy

Fiber Fests & Football

Last weekend was jammed packed with activities.

Activity #1 – The Fiber Festival of New England.

Activity #2 –  Packers v. Patriots game @ Gillette Stadium.

Two opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum, but that is how I roll.

I’ll start with the fiber fest.  I realize I just went to one the weekend before in Asheville, but I couldn’t resist.  This one was about 2 hrs West of Boston in Springfield, MA.  It took some convincing to get the hubs to take me on this road trip.  I promised cool animals, a free lunch, and a pit stop to the new casino for his troubles.

Thank goodness for that casino, it sealed the deal.  He got to play craps for about an hour, and he ended up winning enough money for me to even out on my yarn splurge.  What’s yours is mine, amiright? – and that includes gambling earnings.

Anyway, this fiber fest was glorious, and seemed a bit larger than SAFF.  Hubs was such a great sport through it all.  He was on board with my plan to walk down every aisle and focus on one side at a time so I didn’t miss ANYTHING.  I have a system.   He was half paying attention, but that is 50% more than I thought.  He was a great photographer of all knitty things, and that is all I could ask for:

He thoroughly enjoyed the alpacas, who wouldn’t?  Just look at their cute furry heads. They’re my favorite.


I also overheard him talking to the owner of some super cute Angora rabbits.  Apparently, those (not so) little cuties shed enough fur to make ~1 sweater worth of yarn per year.  Don’t quote me on that, I’m a bad listener. (I googled it though, they produce 2 lbs of fur per year – that seems about right).

The animals were precious, they had beer at the concession stands, and I made it out with a couple very pretty skeins (neutral, obviously).  I’m quite proud of how well I controlled my spending in yarn paradise.  There were ladies there who brought their own carts for their loot.  I was jealous – I will be them in years to come, I hope.

4-hour round-trip road trip for a fest…what did I do with my time? Make a Green Bay Packers beanie for Sunday night football of course.

I had some buddies in town for the Packers v. Patriots game at Gillette Stadium and we pulled the trigger on going with them about 2 days in advance.  This took some convincing.  I have my Sunday routine – which is to catch up on everything that I procrastinated on the week before. If I went to the game, nothing would get done.  But then I realized nothing would probably get done anyway.  #FOMO

It’s Rogers v. Brady, I am a Packers fan, hubs is a Pats fan, how could we not go?  I decided to push off my responsibilities for another day (or week), and  just do it.

My hat > his hat

Door-to-door from start to finish was ~10 hours, I’m not kidding (including game duration and tailgating).  If you know anything about Gillette Stadium, you know to plan your trip to take at least 1.5 hours each way.  Even longer for us since we took the train.  It’s brutal.  Just imagine:  an overcrowded train at 12:45am full of medium to highly drunk fans.  I won’t bore you with the logistics, but just know that it was a great ONE time experience.

I will not be going to a Sunday night game there again.  Not because I had a terrible time, but because I was trapped in between train cars for over 1.5 hours, standing way too close to strangers past 1am.  I should have hitchhiked.

We had a blast even though the good guys (Packers) lost.   I’m grateful to have gone, but from now on I’ll just watch it from my couch, in the comfort of my own home, far, far away from people.  At least from home I can see the replays and not stand in long lines for beer and bathrooms.